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Compression Therapy - Innovative Products

For compression therapy using bandages and dressings as well as medical compression stockings, HARTMANN provides an integrated system of products for treatment of phlebologic diseases. In addition, HARTMANN offers a wide range of bandages and dressings for functional treatment of injuries and damages to the supportive and locomotive system.

Cambren® C

Cambren C is a high-quality anti-embolism stocking that provides safe prophylaxis of thrombosis in immobilized patients and needs no extensive nursing work.

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The permanently elastic cotton crêpe bandage with additional cohesive effect on both sides for perfect fit has elasticity of approx. 90 %; high working pressure with low resting pressure; may also be worn when the patient is in a resting position.

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Permanently elastic multi-purpose short-stretch bandage; elasticity of approx. 90 %; no loss of elasticity in wear; hard-wearing.

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Pütterbinde is an individually packed bandage available in different widths for an economical use.

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Rolta® soft

Made of less voluminous, very soft and skin-friendly material for a light underpadding; especially suitable for patients with very sensitive skin.

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Seamless, knitted tubular bandage with high elasticity, easy to apply without additional fixation; can be cut anywhere without fraying or mesh run; fits perfectly without sliping.

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As a postoperative support to provide relief to surgical wounds after thoracic and abdominal operations, there is an alternative to the previously used roll-on bandages. Verba, a large permanently elastic support bandage.

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